Income Planning – The Challenge

For much of your adult life, you may have become accustomed to getting a paycheck twice a month and paying your bills once a month. This constant and structured flow of money in and money out is something that might be second nature to you.

During retirement, your employment paychecks stop and perhaps your Social Security benefits begin. Any additional income you require will need to be created by you. You can either create a new stream of structured income or try to manage the existing income on your own. Creating regular income from a lump sum of money can be more complicated than it appears.

We recognize that retirement planning is not a “one size fits all”. The plans you make need to be living and adaptable to ensure they accommodate the reality of your retirement.

Rural Electric Planning Group, LLC, can help you simplify this daunting task. Our solutions will address the changes that retirement brings and can help you financially survive, even thrive during your retirement – and enjoy the next stage of your life even more.

Have Questions About Your Financial Future?



Understanding financial concepts and money management can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. At Rural Electric Planning Group, LLC, we provide financial strategies that are easy to understand and more importantly, designed to address your retirement income needs.

If you have questions about your financial future, we’re here to help and welcome the opportunity to work with you to craft a financial plan that is as individual as you are.

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